Episode 21: MedReach

Author: Eoghan Colgan    @eoghan_colgan



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Show Notes

Eoghan discusses the MedReach project - a video-learning platform providing fair and equal access to world-class continuing medical education - “The Netflix of CPD”. There is a special introductory offer of 75% off all 4 courses but only for the month of September 2018.

Take Home Points


  1. A video-learning platform that provides fair and equal access to world-class courses and conferences online

  2. Leading courses/conferences are recorded using high-end video-production capturing lectures and tutorials from multiple angles and in high-definition

  3. Users access content for 3 months during which time they can access the learning at a time, pace and location that suits them, whilst negating the time, cost and environmental impact of travel

  4. Users can take time-stamped notes (for easy return to important learning points) and can export their summary of learning and course certificate for their CPD portfolio

  5. A modest amount is charged from health professionals in high-income countries and this affords two further things:

    1. providing free access to health professionals in low-income countries

    2. donation of sales to healthcare projects in poorly-resourced areas

  6. There is 75% off all courses for St Mungos subscribers, and for the remainder of September 2018

We would love to have your feedback so please contact info@medreach.org if:

  • you have any questions regarding the site

  • you have any suggestions for how we can improve it for your enjoyment

  • you have any suggestions for courses that should be included

  • if you are a department lead and are enquiring about access for multiple team members (discounts can be applied to multiple buys)





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Medreach Explainer Video



Short, impactful talks from world experts in sepsis.

For tickets, click here

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